·         Near the outlet of a central heating boiler
·         Near air conditioning plant
·         Pointing directly at moving vehicles
·         Within sight of reflection of moving water
·         Where other lamps could shine on the detector

Yes, the unit will not record until they are set, see below.

Simply press and hold the button on the base of the light which will cause the light in the PIR to flash on and off and stop the light turning, you can then set the time and date.  When completed just press the button again and the light will function normally.  If not disconnect the power for a moment and then turn back on and the light will function normally.

Yes, you can purchase a Micro SD card up to 64GB (SDHC).

There are two settings, V=Video and P=Photo. You can change this setting in the same place as time and date.

This may occur when an event causes the head to move out of alignment or obstructs the movement of the light. To rectify this, simply turn the mains power off for 10 seconds and then turn back on. If this does not work, follow the recalibration procedure.

The date needs to be set correctly for the Nightwatcher NW700 to record. If there has been a prolonged power outage, the date may need to be reset. Check the LED beside the camera lens, it should be green when it is recording. If it is red, press the reset button on the top of the unit. If it remains red, check that the SD card is installed correctly.

The SD card may have been removed incorrectly and the files may be corrupted, or the SD card may be in the wrong format. Remedy: Format the SD card (FAT format for SD and FAT32 format for SDHC).

You may need to update your computers drivers or use a USB card reader.

The Android app for the NW750 is currently unavailable on the Google Play store.  Click here to download the Android app to directly install to your android device- 12MB download.

This may occur when a power failure occurs during recording.  This may be caused by one of three issues:

  • Hidden files which will occupy the space of the SD card
  • Bad sector
  • SD card is damaged

Remedy: Reformat the SD card for situation 1 and 2. If the SD card cannot be formatted or it cannot be read because it is damaged, please purchase a new SD card.

If the NightWatcher is behaving erratically, please do not attempt to move the light head manually. This will damage the motor and invalidate the warranty. Firstly, carefully wipe away any moisture or dust covering the PIR panel at the bottom of the light, then check in the PIR panel and see if the red LED light is on or flashing. If the red light is on or flashing, then we recommend  turning off the mains power to the unit, then manually turn the light fully to the right (or left) and then turn the power back on again after 10 seconds, to recalibrate the unit. The light should then restart by the moving to the centre and the light will come on and turn off after approximately 30 seconds.

The optimum installation height for NightWatcher lights is 2-3 metres and we typically recommend 2.5 metres. The key issue with the height relates to the PIR sensor, which detects motion directly in front up to 15 metres away and across a range of 220 degrees. If the light is mounted higher than 3 metres, then there is a risk that the PIR will not detect motion close to the ground.

The NightWatcher NW700 PIR has a distance range of up to 15 metres. The PIR will detect heat and motion within this range but as the PIR direction is horizontal, the range can be adjusted if the light is angled forward and therefore pointing more towards the ground, rather than straight forward. This would reduce the range but it must be noted that this method is not exact and requires some trial and error.

What we suggest in this situation is to have an internal power switch for the light in order to turn off the light as required.

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