Why do NightWatcher products provide additional security?

Most people buy a security device as either a deterrent or for evidence purposes; a deterrent is something that will make an intruder think twice about entering your property or stealing your possessions. Evidence is really for use after the event, so when a burglary or intrusion takes place, you have photo or video evidence which can be shown to the authorities to help in catching the criminal. So there is a clear difference between deterrent and evidence and for most homes a deterrent is a better option, to discourage unwanted intruders and moving them on elsewhere. Of course, this doesn’t mean the evidence isn’t useful, which is why NightWatcher has a range of security devices which offer both from a simple PIR light to a robotic light with a camera to a high-resolution CCTV system.

What security scenarios are there that having security system will prevent?

Burglary/theft protection

Many people will say that if a thief wants to break into your property then nothing will stop them. Whilst this may be true, in many cases, a bright light can be a great deterrent and make it very difficult for an intruder to hide. If the inevitable happens then a light with a built-in camera or a CCTV system will provide valuable photographic and video evidence.


Sadly, this is often a reason why people need to secure their property and provide evidence to catch the perpetrators. A bright PIR light with a built-in camera or a low-cost CCTV camera system will both provide valuable video evidence to present to the police.

Invasion of privacy

The privacy of you and your family at home is your highest priority and so a deterrent solution is an ideal option. Bright lighting, intruder alarms or clearly visible CCTV cameras should provide an adequate deterrent as well as video evidence of the problem continues.


Sometimes people just won’t take “no” for an answer, which can lead to frightening situations where people don’t feel safe in their own home. In order to stop stalking an evidence solution is essential, so a camera solution will provide vital evidence.

Be Security Conscious:

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Install the security solution which best meets your needs

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Lock all windows and doors and leave a light on.

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Close curtains and blinds.

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Never leave valuables in sight.

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