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Why evidence collection is so important?

CCTV kits and security lights fitted with cameras are great for home security. Not only do they act as a deterrent, they catch on film anyone who may try to burgle or vandalise your property. Having CCTV footage of someone breaking into your house can be a great aid for the police and could even help to bring the burglar to justice.  There are a number of different factors that you must think about when buying a CCTV kit.

Which Digital CCTV kit is right for you and your property and what makes up a kit?


What type of cameras do you want?

NightWatcher CCTV Kits come with two types of cameras; dome cameras and bullet cameras. A dome camera can be attached to the ceiling whereas a bullet camera screws onto the wall and can be angled to keep watch over a certain area.


How many cameras do you need?

How many cameras you require will have an affect on which DVR (see below) you will need. If you have a large house with many potential ground floor entry points, you may want more cameras. However, if you live in a small bungalow, you may need less.


What resolution cameras do you need?

NightWatcher CCTV cameras are available in 720p or 1080p resolution. The higher the resolution, the better quality video your camera will capture. 1080p is a higher resolution, however, 720p is still considered ‘high definition’, and will still capture good quality video. Ultimately, this is a price issue, as 720p kits are less expensive. The resolution you choose will also affect which DVR you need, as higher resolution video recording takes up more disk space on a DVR.


 Which DVR you need

An NVR, or Network Video Recorder, is an electronic device that records the CCTV footage captured by your camera. DVRs can differ in terms of;

  • Hard drive size – how much recorded video it can store
  • Number of channels – how many cameras can be connected to it

Putting things very simply:

  • More cameras and high resolution require an 8 channel, 2TB DVR
  • Fewer cameras and higher resolution require a 4 channel, 2TB DVR
  • More cameras and lower resolution require an 8 channel, 2 TB DVR
  • Fewer cameras and lower resolution require a 4 channel, 1TB DVR

Remember, buying a kit with a 4 channel DVR limits you to four cameras. What some people like to do is buy an 8 channel DVR with 2-4 cameras, then add more cameras at a later date.

Our CCTV kits are sold in preset configurations. If you would like a custom kit with different types of camera, please get in touch and this can be arranged!

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