NightWatcher LED Security Light

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The NightWatcher AC LED security light is a brand new technology, which powers the LED’s direct from the AC mains supply, rather than a driver. This means that the unlike conventional LED lights which can fail due to the driver, the NightWatcher AC LED light will last as long as the LED bulbs themselves.

The NightWatcher NE11SP has a built-in PIR sensor which detects intruder motion up to 10 metres away and across a radius of 180 degrees. At night the light will turn on and can be adjusted to stay on for between 5 seconds and 7 minutes. The sensitivity can also be adjusted to suit specific light levels.

  • Passive infrared sensor with with a detection range of 180° up to 10 metres.
  • Lamp direction adjustable to point in any required direction.
  • 11W AC LED energy saving, AC LED light delivers a bright 1000 lumens.
  • Sensor range can be adjusted by moving the PIR vertically & horizontally.
  • Adjustable setting for light-up time between 5 seconds and 7 minutes.
  • IP44 Rated
  • Available in black or white
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Additional information

Detection Method

Passive Infrared Sensor (with continuous detect function)


Cast metal/plastic

Power Supply

AC240V 50Hz

LED Lifespan

1000 Lumens/30,000 Hours

PIR Direction Area

10m x 210° (maximum)

Light Up Time

5 Secs to 7 Mins

Waterproof Rating